Mobile plants

Hidrobeton Ltd has experience in constructing sites of public importance. Some of these projects required huge quantities of concrete within a short deadline. Some examples are:

  • Novo Selo Range Army Base, operated by NATO forces
  • Automobile Plant in village of Bahovitsa, Lovech province
  • Struma Highway LOT 1
  • Struma Highway LOT 2

The company has mobile plants which depending on the project’s size can be installed on site’s ground within a short period of time. Hidrobeton also provides a team of experienced specialists, warming installation for concrete laying during winter, laboratory and everything required for the concrete transportation and laying.

Hidrobeton offers deployment of mobile plants for the production of concrete to your construction sites.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote: phone: +3592 925 1361, mobile: +359878 134620,