Hidrobeton Ltd is registered in the Commercial Register on 28.02.2000 by Rosen Nikolov and Lili Nikolova.
It started its production activity by signing a lease agreement for a concrete plant with a government enterprise in Gorublyane, Sofia. In the same year the state-owned company has been privatized and the lease was terminated.
The company hired a limestone unit, located at Lyulin, Sofia, by transforming it for the production of concrete mixtures. The concrete mixing plant has a capacity of 25 - 30 m³/h. After a year of rental Hidrobeton Ltd purchased the property and started it sustainable development.
Bought its second production plant for the production of ready-mix concrete in the of Iskar Railway Station Industrial Zone in Sofia and increased its total capacity to 75 m³/h.
Renovated the Lyulin production plant by new modern equipment manufactured by the German company ELBA. Production management is fully automated and computerized. The capacity of the plant has been increased nearly four times up to 110 m³/h.
At the Iskar Station plant, the production capacity increased to 120 m³/h, by installing a second-hand LIEBHERR machine that was replaced in 2008 by a new one of the same brand.
A new production plant in Pleven started. The capacity of the equipment was 80 m³/h.
A new production plant at Plovdiv opened with capacity of 130 m³/h, and the total reaches 440 m³/h.
The company built a third plant in Sofia, Iliyantsi with capacity of 130 m³/h.
The management decided to purchase mobile plants for large infrastructure sites. In the same year Hidrobeton Ltd became a supplier of concrete mixtures for the construction of „Novo Selo“ NATO Military Base.
It built a mobile production plant on the Strouma Highway LOT 1, where Hidrobeton Ltd is the main supplier, and LOT 2 is one of the suppliers - 3 years later.
Acquired the fourth concrete plant in Sofia, Gorublyane. The equipment and infrastructure on the plant were fully upgraded. The production capacity was 118 m³/h.
It started its activity at Burgas market, building a modern equipment for production of concrete mixtures with a capacity of 110 m³/h.
It opened a second production plant in Plovdiv. It was built near Karlovo Road and covered the Northern part of the town. Its capacity was 110 m³/h. Thus, the total number of production plants reached 9 with a total capacity of 896 m³/h.
Through the years Hidrobeton Ltd has bought concrete mixers and auto-concrete pumps, which have been renewed periodically. At present, concrete mixers are over 60, and concrete pumps over 20. The hired staff in early 2018 is about 160 people.
Hidrobeton Ltd entered the market in the town of Varna by building a new and modern plant for the production of ready-mix concrete. The technology is innovative and the facility is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. The additive materials are stored in large vertical bunkers and the loading and dosing is done by a system of conveyor belts and elevators. This technology eliminates the need for open landfills for additive materials, making production extremely environmentally friendly - dust pollution is absent and noise is minimized. The production capacity of the new plant is 140 m³/h, with the total of Hydrobeton Ltd exceeding 1000 m³/h.